Tree Removal


Where space allows, our team of highly experienced arborists can make a series of cuts close to the base of the tree allowing the tree to fall in a controlled manner in a specific direction. We have developed techniques through years of experience to minimise the impact on the ground and when removing large trees will often partially dismantle them before felling.

It is often the case in residential areas that there is not enough space free of obstacles for the tree to be straight felled. Our arborists are highly trained and experienced in dismantling trees in a safe and controlled manner, specific to each tree and available workspace. If required, we utilise additional rope systems to control the dismantle into manageable sections that are lowered to the ground. This is known commonly as ‘Rigging’. Our team of arborists are trained and experienced in appropriate rigging techniques that allow us to safely dismantle trees in a controlled manner, removing sections piece by piece and lowering them at a controlled pace into the designated work area. In extreme cases where there is no available work area below the tree but there is nearby access, cranes can be utilised to mechanically lift the sections clear of the area.