Tree Pruning


There are various reasons that you may want your trees pruned, to remove hazardous limbs, to provide clearance from of structure of over an area, gain a little more light to your garden, reduce overall canopy size (with correct pruning practice). All of our tree pruning is carried out with the most advanced, non-invasive climbing techniques and safe work practices. All of tree pruning that we perform meets the ANZI standards (American National Standards Institute) and inline with the ISA code of ethics.

  • Safety pruning – We identify and prune out any dead or dangerous branches/limbs that present a potential hazard.
  • Crown Thinning: When we suggest a crown thin as an appropriate measure – it is usually because the crown is very dense and there is not enough light penetrating through into the rest of a garden space. This means that other bedding plants and ground cover (lawns) are not growing evenly. A Crown Thin basically aims to remove internal branches, crossing branches, co-dominant stems, and dead branches (usually that have been superseded by those that have reached the crown). Crown Thinning is a good, common place tree maintenance practice.
  • Crown Lifting: Crown Lifting is an excellent way of allowing more winter sun into the garden space, without affecting the overall shape and size of the crown. It is also beneficial, where trees hang low over roads, pavements & footpaths or where branches are prone to touching down on roof tiles (usually noticeable in high winds!). We have a number of techniques in place, utilising rigging/lowering equipment which allows us to remove branches that are directly above roofs without even touching, let alone damaging the building! A Crown Lift can often be combined with a Crown Thin to allow more light through the tree, again, whilst retaining the shape and size of the crown
  • Crown Reduction: The most important aspect of Crown Reduction is ensuring that the amount that the tree is reduced by is relevant to the size of the original crown and the species of tree. The Sequoia Tree Services team works very hard to ensure that when we reduce the crown of a tree – it is always to appropriate growth points. It is our aim to keep the tree in as much of a ‘Natural’ form as possible, and a bad crown reduction (or a pollard) can jeopardise this permanently.
  • Crown Cleaning: Crown Cleaning is primarily done for safety reasons. Crown cleaning often involves the methodical and safe removal of dead wood throughout the crown, removing crossing branches and other points of weakness. As we aerially crown clean our Arborists get a much better look at the tree and are in a better position to identify problems and advise on suitable action – thus keeping you correctly informed of the state of your trees. One of the additional benefits of crown cleaning is that by doing so, it often allows more light to pass through the tree.